[Color problems] + [KDElibs: KSystemTray: On window close dialog]

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Wed Sep 29 04:38:32 BST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 10:28 am, Sébastien Laoût [temporar] wrote:

> OK OK. But for now, KDE doesn't provide color for that.
> All the problem could be solved by adding a "Important" custom color.

I think this is your best bet. I would call it "warning" instead of 
"important" though. That is because it's role is to be  a warning, and 
the highlight color already serves the "important" role. This is a 
color that will not ordinarily be on the screen, which is why highlight 
shouldn't be used.

For most color schemes I imagine this would be red or yellow. I'm 
worried about what to do for the "oddball" color schemes like "yellow 
on blue".

> Ah... Just tough:
> I can extract a square area that surround the circle and then
> smoothScale() it to 1*1 pixel.
> The average value would then be OK.

I'm worried about this. Do you include the icon in your averaging? It 
seems to me like you shouldn't (consider that gray '9' icon in your 
sample screenshot). But if don't take the icon into consideration you 
have to go through some contortions to eliminate it. Ugh!

Stick with the "warning" color!

> Le mar 28/09/2004 à 16:50, Richard Smith a écrit :
> > I think the XComposite stuff, or something like it[1], is actually
> > essential.
> Yes, me too.

I have to disagree. XComposite is still too new to make it a 
requirement. You don't want to deny someone the use of an entire 
application just because one dialog requires X.org 6.8+ with 

> What I can do is to do not show the screenshot when kicker isn't
> visible (auto-hidden, not running...).

This is the simpler solution to the above. Another possibility is 
raising/unhiding Kicker.

David Johnson

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