[Color problems] + [KDElibs: KSystemTray: On window close dialog]

Sébastien Laoût [temporar] les83plus at free.fr
Tue Sep 28 18:28:33 BST 2004

Le mar 28/09/2004 à 14:07, Olaf Jan Schmidt a écrit :
> I have seen screenshots where people have been using red as a kicker 
> background color.

Ah OK.
Wasn't knowing.

> If you draw a border around the circle in a second color, then it is 
> possible to always see it. Either you need to hardcode both colors (red 
> and black, for example), or you can use selection background color and 
> selection text color.

There already is a shadow.
I assume it's not sufficient.
But even with your solution, a blue/green/... circle would be shown with
a small white circle arround.
The contrast wouldn't be good enough.

Le mar 28/09/2004 à 15:49, Maks Orlovich a écrit : 
> Ugh, please don't (AKA, objection from one of the widget drawing guys). 
> Handling all palettes is hard as it is, we don't need hardcoded colors.
OK OK. But for now, KDE doesn't provide color for that.
All the problem could be solved by adding a "Important" custom color.

Le mar 28/09/2004 à 16:03, Frerich Raabe a écrit : 
> I like this a lot! The only thing which looks weird to me (looking at the 
> screenshots shown on usability-on-close-info.html) is the layout of the 
> dialog. Somehow the arrangement of the "Info" icon, the "Do not show again" 
> checkbox and the Ok button looks strange.
This is hardcoded into KMessageBox.
There are enough problems to not make an own dialog just for this case
Perhapse you can post a wish... or ask peoples that maintain KMessageBox

> I think you will see a lot of  hands being thrown up because of this. Isn't it 
> possible to compute a contrast value dynamically? Like, look at what color is 
> dominant on Kicker's background, and then use a color which has a good 
> contrast to that?
Ah... Just tough:
I can extract a square area that surround the circle and then
smoothScale() it to 1*1 pixel.
The average value would then be OK.

Still an algorithm to choose the color!
But not a "rainbow" one: I don't think it's wanted to have another
circle color each time the dialog is shown :-)
Perhapse make a XOR on that remaining pixel and choosing an appropriate

Le mar 28/09/2004 à 16:50, Richard Smith a écrit : 
> I think the XComposite stuff, or something like it[1], is actually essential.

Yes, me too.

But you have to find another person that will code it.
Not enough time to learn XComposite and, more important, I finaly get a
working Linux on my notebook (with luck, since Linux 2.6 and modern
distributions don't work anymore for me).
I don't want to mess my box and will keep it as is for some months
> Imagine the confusion a new KDE user
> [...]
> If I saw Gnome do something as embarrassing as that, I'd laugh. But since the 
> suggestion is to add it to KDE, I think I might cry. My opinion: a live 
> screenshot should only be used if we can guarantee it actually shows the tray 
> icon of the application in question.
What I can do is to do not show the screenshot when kicker isn't visible
(auto-hidden, not running...).
I agree it's important.
I will look at this.

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