KDElibs: KSystemTray: On window close dialog

Frerich Raabe frerich.raabe at gmx.de
Tue Sep 28 15:03:48 BST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 01:06, Sébastien Laoût [temporar] wrote:
> I was away for some days.
> But then I can work on the system tray message thing.

I like this a lot! The only thing which looks weird to me (looking at the 
screenshots shown on usability-on-close-info.html) is the layout of the 
dialog. Somehow the arrangement of the "Info" icon, the "Do not show again" 
checkbox and the Ok button looks strange.

Maybe it would be nicer to move the Info icon further to the right, so that it 
left-aligns with the text above, and then do the same with the checkbox?

> - NOT changed color from red to highlighted one because this is less
>   visible: there are a lot less contrasts

I think you will see a lot of  hands being thrown up because of this. Isn't it 
possible to compute a contrast value dynamically? Like, look at what color is 
dominant on Kicker's background, and then use a color which has a good 
contrast to that?

- Frerich

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