Migrating Qt Crytpographic Architecture to KDE CVS

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett duncan at kde.org
Mon Sep 27 13:05:03 BST 2004

> Open issues:
> A. How do we handle the mailing list? Does it stay on the [Delta] list, or
> do we move it to a KDE server?
> B. Do we want to define a release schedule?
> Brad

will it continue to be a Qt lib or...
1.- Will it be rewriten as a KDE lib?
2.- Will it be extended as a KDE lib?
3.- Will it stay as is? (I suppose PSI need this)

When I say KDE lib, I mean using the KDE plugin loader to load the providers, 
etc. Is it posible to do (2) without affecting the lib being used in other 
Qt-only apps?


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