RFC: ExtDate in kdelibs?

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Mon Sep 20 17:47:09 BST 2004


Cornelius wrote:
> In the context of KOrganizer we also discussed introducing a replacement
> class  for QDateTime for better handling of timezones (basic idea: add a 
> property for specifying which timezone the time is in). I assume your 
> ExtDateTime  doesn't address timezones at all. 

That's correct.  The code to handle timezones (and daylight savings time) is 
part of our GeoLocation class.  Something like:

localTime = universalTime + geo->TZ()

where GeoLocation::TZ() includes the standard TZ offset plus any daylight 
savings correction.

> If we introduce a KDateTime for KDE4 would  
> it make sense to address both problems with the same class or are there any 
> drawbacks which would speak against using ExtDateTime for our purpose?

For KStars, I'd prefer to keep timezone information encapsulated in the 
geographic location class.


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