Patch to add khtmlmimesource to kdecore

David Faure faure at
Mon Sep 20 11:33:55 BST 2004

On Sunday 19 September 2004 15:59, Maksim Orlovich wrote:
> >
> >   If I get no objections, I'll add it.
> <snip>. The text/plain encoded version needs to return local8bit() encoded
> text, not utf8. Further, due to pecularities of QClipboard on X11 you must
> also provide the
> text/plain;charset=iso-8859-1 mimetype, which of course must be
> latin1-encoded.

Yeah, that's why it would be much simpler to use a QTextDrag and a QStoredDrag("text/html"),
bundled together with KMultipleDrag (like Simon suggested). QTextDrag will take care of
all those weird plain text things.

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