Patch to add khtmlmimesource to kdecore

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Sun Sep 19 13:10:58 BST 2004

Am Sonntag, 19. September 2004 03:37 schrieb John Flux:
> Hi all,
>   For konqueror, I'm adding support for retaining the formatting when you
> copy and paste to another application, like openoffice or kword.
>   To aid with this, I wrote a very simple very basic class that inherits
> QMimeSource.  You set the html text and set the plaintext text, then pass
> it to the clipboard.
>   It's well documented, and I've had requests to put this in kdecore
> instead of kdelibs/khtml so that I can get other apps to use it.
>   If I get no objections, I'll add it.

I think you can achieve the same by using the KMultipleDrag class that already 
exists in kdecore.


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