DCOP D-BUS HAL and new cd's

Kévin Ottens ervin at ipsquad.net
Sat Sep 18 18:33:28 BST 2004

Le Vendredi 17 Septembre 2004 10:00, Jérôme Lodewyck a écrit :
> Optionnaly, this daemon could implement autoplaying policy (think of
> automounting, CD/DVD playing...), triggered if an external module can
> provide insertion notification (code for this already exists in kvm).

I'd delegate this work to another tool or daemon, to keep the mountwatcher 
replacement simple enough. Autoplaying will be easy to implement by querying 
the new ioslave for example, and monitoring changes on specific "file" 

> - A "(K)Device" class that stores properties about a device. For example,
> it should countain a QString identifier (given by external modules), if it
> is mountable, information about mountpoint, an URL, a mimetype... This
> class should be accessible from external modules.

I currently have an implementation for this, that will surely need to be 
refined... That's why I'm pushing hard to publish my work as soon as possible 
to be able to discuss this.

But, I had some troubles with my server recently... It just died... since it 
was my gateway to the internet, it explains my delay to answer to this 
interesting thread! ;-)

> - A kioslave (much like devices:/) that create kfile entries corresponding
> to the daemon device list. Before requesting devices mounting, it should
> ensure the device is mountable. If not, it should rely on the URL provided
> by the device class.

I'm not sure how to do this yet... Or we use a trick declaring the device 
already mounted, or we add another flag...

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