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Lauri Watts lauri at kde.org
Tue Sep 14 12:08:51 BST 2004

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 12.27, Andrew Coles wrote:
> On Monday 13 Sep 2004 17:20, Lauri Watts wrote:
> > Well, that'd be neat for inside khelpcenter, but we still need static
> > ones for web pages, and many other uses.  I don't know if it would work
> > for those where the text refers to actual (type in) content in the
> > screenshot either. By all means, if you can do this, we'd like to see it.
> Not necessarily; an idea I had in a fit of madness: embed a CSS version of
> the dialogue layout into the HTML: convert the dialog initialisation
> instructions into CSS (place widget here etc.), include that on the web
> page, and use a stylesheet to define the render-time look and feel:
> widgets, fonts, colours ....

I'm sure I, and many others, look forward to seeing your implementation of 

I'm also quite sure it'd be insanely complex to do, and not the fastest thing 
on the planet even if you can do it - please, prove me wrong, some of the 
most fun stuff we have comes from someone attempting to prove a naysayer 

Lauri Watts
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