ksirc & konversation (was Re: widget style cleanup)

Guillaume Laurent glaurent at telegraph-road.org
Tue Sep 14 09:48:14 BST 2004

Adriaan de Groot wrote:

>That expectation means: can you point to a study or evaluation of 
>konversation? can you point out what's wrong with it? Now, I can point to 
>some _technical_ failings in konversation, like that it doesn't seem to like 
>autoconnecting to two different servers, or that I can't for the life of me 
>add more than one autoconnect channel per server, but hey. What's the 
>specific usability failing?
The only somewhat annoying thing I can think of in Konversation is that 
the 'Connect to server' dialog is actually part of the Settings dialog. 
They bypassed this by adding a shortcut which directly opens the 
Settings at the right page, but it's still clumsy. Aside of that, I've 
been happily using it instead of ksirc for more than a year now. The 
main reason for switching that I was looking for a replacement for ksirc 
in the first place, which says a bit about its perceived quality. 
Konversation proved to be far from ideal, but adequate.


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