po-file handling ("language fall-back")

Juergen Pfennig info at j-pfennig.de
Tue Sep 14 09:01:18 BST 2004

Cleaning up my mail box I found the following ...

On Thursday 05 August 2004 14:08, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> > 1) users of Low Saxon (Plattdeutsch), who will usually be familiar with
> > German and might want to fill the gaps with German
> > 2) users of Upper Sorbian, who might want to fill the gaps with German,
> > Polish or Czech
> > 3) users of Norwegian (they have two different standards: Nynorsk and
> > Bookmaal), where filling the gaps with the other standard of Norwegian
> > might be interesting.

I triggered a similar discussion several moths ago (in this list), as I find 
that the current implementation is incorrect ...

Even at that time most people agreed. Unfortunately my solution was to give 
KDE a newer config file parser. Reason: the old code was difficult to 
maintain and had some shortcommings. At the same time I wanted to give the 
new parser the ability to handle native Windows text files (including their 
CR/LF line endings and BOMs [byte order marks] for UTF-8). I also planned a 
"hook" that would allow to plug XML Readers/Writers into this architecture. 

At that time some people claimed that my aproach would become too slow and 
that if it can read Windows text files that would not be a good idea and that 
BOMs would be bad anyhow as KDE must not support anything that comes from 

Fact is that I have the nucleus of the parser and it definitely faster than 
the current one (it's a zero-malloc implementation). Is the objection against 
a new parser still so big or should I try again to contribute this work into 


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