bug #86756: klistview::selectedItems() returns hidden items

Sebastian Sauer mail at dipe.org
Mon Sep 13 23:44:36 BST 2004

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Hi Aaron,

> as a developer, i'd be surprised if it didn't return hidden items as well.
> i may very well WANT to have the hidden items returned, and with your
> patch that isn't possible. no, if the action should operate only on
> visible items the code should check for that. if anything, an overloaded
> method that allows one to define visible only or all selected items may be
> in order for convenience, but changing those semantics may not be the best
> thing?

Thank you for the very detailed answer. Overloading is what I did at 
KMLDonkey. Also if I don't agree there (see my comment at 
http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=86756#c2 why it is a bad behaviour), I 
could live with it. Also one point pro leaving it that way is, that Qt itself 
doesn't remove the selection if an item got hidden. So, it's somewhat 
consistant. Bug got marked as "wont fix".

> as for why it's stayed for 5 weeks w/out comment: we recently had aKademy,
> and now Scott who does a lot of the maintenance on KListView these days
> AFAIK is in Chile on (semi-)vacation =)

If the selectedItems()-behaviour is wannted then it's just a minor report. 

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