widget style cleanup

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Mon Sep 13 10:43:28 BST 2004

Am Sonntag, 12. September 2004 02:50 schrieb Frank Karlitschek:
> Hi all,
> I suggest to cleanup the widget styles in KDE.
> - Move System from kdelibs to kdeblackhole
> - Move System++ from kdelibs to kdeblackhole
> - Move Marble from kdelibs to kdeblackhole

Same opinion  here. While they were great when the appeared in 2000 they look 
quite outdated these days. 

> - Move Motif Plus from kdelibs to kdeblackhole

Now this is a tricky one. Motif Plus was meant to mimic the Motif/Gtk 1.x 
default style and afaik is still used in KPersonalizer to give UNIX-die-hards  
an old school Motif Look and Feel. While it is possible to disable this 
Qt-style via a desktop-file I feel unsure what we should do.

> - Move Plastik from kdeartwork to kdelibs in preparation for KDE 4.0

Actually during our artist-BoF session we already talked about this. As far as 
I remember we agreed that Plastik should be the default style in accordance 
with our new CIG. And therefore we should aim for making it the default in 
KDE 3.4. Many distributions are using it as the default style already and it 
has a much higher acceptance among people than Keramik these days.  
As far as I remember the only valid objection came from Lauri -- mostly 
because of the problems with the screenshots. But I'm happy to know that this 
isn't an issue anymore :-)

> - Add one or two nice new styles to kdeartwork.
>   For example Comix

looks ok.

>   Alloy 

This one has copyright issues AFAIK.

>   , Active Heart,
>   or Thin Keramik.   

Both of these styles try to deliver a "more flat" Keramik. But I think we 
should just decide on one of those (otherwise we'll end up with too many 
Keramik-derived styles looking very similar which would be odd as well). 


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