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Bo Thorsen bo at
Wed Sep 8 10:38:31 BST 2004

Hi all,

I have been meaning to ask if you really think it a good idea that 
KOrganizer has it's own identity settings? I think it makes a lot of 
sense to just use the same identities in KMail and KOrganizer.

The only argument against this is that it should be easy for people who 
does not use KMail to set it up. I agree with this, but I don't see why 
it needs to have a separate set of identities for that. Why not just have 
the same options as the identity setup in KMail, with the exception that 
in KOrganizer you only see the name and email? Simpler for the user, and 
it would simplify the code in other areas.

It has previously been discussed if the identity setup doesn't really 
belong in kdelibs setup. Personally, I think it does. It should be a 
single set of identities used all over KDE. Having each application do 
it's own identity stuff seems pretty pointless to me - the added 
flexibility IMHO does not justify the increased complexity. But for this 
to work, we need the old idea (also as previously discussed) that 
applications can "attach" extra options to an identity. Especially KMail 
has a bunch of extra identities. I could imagine that KNode and IM apps 
have others. All this needs, is someone who wants to do the work :-/

The reason I wrote this, is because I just went through some of the 
identity code and email code in kdepim, and wasn't really happy with it. 
Currently it's approaching the above, but it's not yet there.



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