File drop popup menu removal

Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Tue Sep 7 19:52:07 BST 2004

* David Faure <faure at> [Sep 07. 2004 20:38]:
> On Tuesday 07 September 2004 20:26, Ishai Asa wrote:
> > Correct, my mistake. However, how would *anyone* know Shift-Drag is for
> > moving? At the very least the keyboard shortcut has to be added to the
> > popup menu (e.g. "Move here   Shift-Drop").
> Yes, that might be a good idea. See attached patch.
> It makes the popupmenu feel a bit more heavyweight though.
> What do people think about it? I'm not sure whether to commit it or not.
> > > Everyone seems to agree that it's a bad idea to do that.
> > > 
> > I think it is best to refrain from using general and misleading terms as
> > "Everyone" 
> You quoted me out of context! The "Everyone" line wasn't about the popup, but about the idea
> of having the default behavior depend on whether the source and destination are on
> the same filesystem (/partition) or on a different one. Everyone involved in this thread
> seems to agree that this would be a bad idea since filesystem boundaries are effectively 

I think that we should think of this in it's real life equivalents:

If I pick up an object, let us say a stone, and put it somewhere else,
it is being moved and no copies of this object will be created. This is
behavior that everyone can appreciate because it is the way the world
already works.

Now, if I pick up that stone and throw it somewhere far away I don't
expect to find it again. We add functionality to our desktop by
offering the user the ability to throw something far away while keeping
a local copy.

Both of these ideas are easy for users to understand, although perhaps
the second one requires a little thought, but it is an easy intuitive
jump. Pressing some modifier key or using a different mouse button is
not as easy to learn or remember.

If we intend to add the shortcuts to the menu, which would be the only
way to learn these, we create a larger menu, which is contrary to the
whole idea. A person could just as well right click on the file, select
copy or cut and then right click on the destination and select paste,


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