File drop popup menu removal

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue Sep 7 19:47:33 BST 2004

On Tuesday 07 September 2004 20:38, David Faure wrote:
> Yes, that might be a good idea. See attached patch.
> It makes the popupmenu feel a bit more heavyweight though.
> What do people think about it? I'm not sure whether to commit it or not.

So the menu looks like

Move here      Shift
Copy here      Ctrl
Link here      Ctrl+Shift
Cancel         Esc

Maybe it's nitpicking, but pressing shift alone won't move anything ;-)
When do I actually have to press shift ? When pressing or when releasing ? (I 
never tried it, the drop menu is so obvious ;-)

> Overconfigurability is something we're trying to fight against - if every
> little bit of behavior has to be configurable to please everyone, the
> configuration modules end up being real awful messes; and most users don't
> even notice that some behavior can be changed there, due to the huge amount
> of options. But go ahead, maybe you're right and this is central enough to
> warrant a configuration option...

I'm not sure, but shouldn't have your last sentence be put into something like 
<ironic> tags ? 

I'd say it works very obvious as it is now and making this configurable would 
be overkill.

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