File drop popup menu removal

Ishai Asa ishaiasa at
Tue Sep 7 19:26:26 BST 2004

See below.

>>2. There is no key combination + drag to move a file. E.g.:
>>    Drag - show popup
>>    Ctrl-Drag - copy
>>    Shift-Drag - link
> That's not true. Shift-Drag is for moving, Ctrl-Shift-Drag is for linking.
Correct, my mistake. However, how would *anyone* know Shift-Drag is for
moving? At the very least the keyboard shortcut has to be added to the
popup menu (e.g. "Move here   Shift-Drop").

>>We should examine every case by the usability inputs from  
>>the user. I created this patched because Konqueror's behavior was really 
>>annoying, and it slowed down my work.
> I can't see how pressing Shift slows down your work.

Again, I did not know of this option. If you mostly move files, this is
annoying. If you mostly copy files, this is OK.

> Everyone seems to agree that it's a bad idea to do that.
> Please count the number of posts against removing the popup on drop:
> IMHO there is no point in continuing this thread. OTOH you can always report
> a wish on and we'll see in some time how many votes it gets.
> (Hmm, we need negative votes, for people against a change :-)

I think it is best to refrain from using general and misleading terms as
"Everyone" or . 20 posts from 7 different people are not even a drop in
the well. There are developers and more importantly users out there who
do not read this mailing list. Also, "most KDE developers as well as the
usability team" do not count. Since the userbase of KDE is more than its
developers, a poll or a survey cannot be only among KDE developers. This
issue should really be addressed by the usability team,  but I don’t
know their opinions or what they have been done in this area.
But, if you want to read about other opinions, please do:
However, there are opinions for keeping this popup:

As a final note:
Since there are valid arguments for both cases, maybe the solution is to
make it configurable (and even have the default configuration be the
previous dnd bindings/behavior).
The current behavior may be a bit annoying if you mostly move files.
I will post a wish in the bug system.


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