Incidents, once in a while

Aaron Seigo aseigo at
Thu Sep 2 00:37:06 BST 2004

On September 1, 2004 15:39, Frans Englich wrote:
> You, Aaron, and Kurt Pfeifle have explicitly expressed they don't like what
> I do.

speaking only for myself: i like what you do, i just don't agree with HOW you 
do it. you have a great amount of energy and drive. that's awesome. KDE needs 
people like that. you also tend to ram around doing your own thing causing 
problems. KDE does not need people like that.

> previous projects are ignored, 

they are evaluated and discussed. when people ignore this process it creates 
tension and decisions must be made. two HIGs are not an option; having four 
KControl implementations means eventually picking ONE. it's true that "those 
who code make the rules" but if those rules suck, we need to be able to 
collectively say "no" or "yes". KDE is controlled chaos, not disarray.

> said to be deleted without explaining why, if  

it was explained why. you just have a very efficient filter that blocks out 
anything you don't want to hear. i've run into it numerous times, and that 
was what pissed me off to the point of pulling out the <blunt> tags.

> people insults, 

let me apologize: i'm sorry i offended you. and i mean that.

i've responded to other bits and pieces of this thread in my blog for anyone 
who cares to read it.

Aaron J. Seigo
Society is Geometric

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