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Stefan Winter mail at
Sat Oct 30 09:58:02 BST 2004


> > This computation should be fast... but is it relevant enough? Should we
> > add  checks against a dictionnary? (ok would be far slower...
> It would still be an acceptable delay from the user's point of view. 
> agrep'ing against a dictionnary is pretty fast.

A real dictionary check is not a sufficient solution in my opinion. Users 
sometimes write two words as one to have a non-dictionary word. This does 
increase security for sure, but not very much. Think of the password 
"coolpass" or something like that. A dictionary check wouldn´t discover it as 
lousy, but it sure is (especially since cracker tools sometimes try exactly 
this: combining multiple words of their dictionary).
My thoughts go in the direction of a real simple heuristics that detects 
anything that is "close to" a word. I'd say check for "is it a series of 
letters that has no more than 4 consonants in a row with vowels between". 
Faster than grepping and it would detect "coolpass", "damnloud" and the like.
The count of four is a bit arbitrary and just an estimate of mine (I was 
thinking of the word "Schwert" (sword) in German, which is a real dictionary 
word and really should be detected. There might be longer serieses (?) of 
consonants, then the value should be higher.


Stefan Winter

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