ui-standards.rc tweaks to Settings menu

Frans Englich frans.englich at telia.com
Wed Oct 27 21:08:50 BST 2004

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 19:34, Aaron Seigo wrote:
> On October 27, 2004 12:43, Frans Englich wrote:
> > So, a solution to that, in several senses big problem, is coming.
> and i'll just reiterate my support for that here on kde-core-devel ;-)
> the big challenge is going to be getting the knowledge together. some of it
> is firmly tucked away in the my minds of certain developers and/or only
> documented fully IN THE CODE itself. it would be great, IMO, if those who
> were the authors of or are the current maintainers of these pieces of code
> were able to step forward and write, or at least serve as consultants on,
> the respective pieces that need to get written.

Yes, while that project will make things better organized, better presented, 
and hence easier to find, it won't create documentation that's missing, such 
as for XMLGUI.

I have no good idea how to make developers value/prioritize it, even for their 
own sake(as you touch below). I guess the solution is to put pressure on them 
by for example asking them many times(of course, that can be labeled in many 
other ways). Perhaps, such an "KDE Developer Reference" can help with that, 
if there's an chapter called "Core Technologies" about KConfigXT, DCOP, 
KParts, KCM etc, and XMLGUI is missing, then there will surely be some noise 
about that(but who knows when that's up & running).

> at the same time, this isn't just an issue for 3rd party developers. 




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