running application from $kdedir with multiple kde installs

Jeroen Wijnhout Jeroen.Wijnhout at
Tue Oct 26 14:20:08 BST 2004

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 15:16, Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running a debian box here, with kde installed from the distro. I also
> have another KDE self compiled and installed into /usr/local. I have a new
> script which sets the environment, and then calles $KDEDIR/bin/startkde.
> This script is called from GDM.

It is not clear which variables you've set and how. Make sure you do:
export KDEDIR=/usr/local
export PATH=$KDEDIR/bin:$PATH
export KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde_local (if you want to keep the user settings 
separate as well)

Assuming both KDE versions are using the same Qt version.

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