Using kconf_update on multiple files

Wilco Greven greven at
Mon Oct 25 17:01:32 BST 2004

Op zondag 24 oktober 2004 17:46, schreef Waldo Bastian:
> On Sunday 24 October 2004 17:02, Wilco Greven wrote:
> > The childpanel config file names are listed in the kickerrc however.
> > Perhaps it's possible to let the kicker update script update the
> > childpanel config files as well?
> That would be a solution, yes.

Ok, I used the following approach. The update script creates a temporary 
temp.upd file. Then it runs it through kconf_update. (lines 129-147). 

Also the update script needs to be a KApplication in order to get correct 
value for QApplication::reverseLayout().

Are there any objections to do it this way?

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