kde release changelog idea

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett duncan at kde.org
Fri Oct 15 16:39:56 BST 2004

On Thu 14 Oct 2004 07:02, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> Maybe we can add a "DONE: <bugnr>" header to close bugreports from the CVS
> commit message (alias for CCMAIL: <bugnr>-done at bugs.kde.org) and "BUG:
> <bugnr>" (alias for CCMAIL: <bugnr>@bugs.kde.org) to promote that practice.

to solve the problem about bugs not being in bugzilla at fixing time, is 
possible to create a macro like those, that creates a new closed bug report 
from the commit? so appending ADDCLOSEDBUG to the commit gugzilla creates a 
closed bug,  that can be used for statistics, changelog generation, etc


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