License conflict for VM screensaver (kdeartwork)

Lauri Watts lauri at
Fri Oct 15 14:55:04 BST 2004

On Friday 15 October 2004 15.40, Richard Smith wrote:
> On Friday 15 October 2004 14:11, Jason Keirstead wrote:
> > Might it be even *easier*, to avoid all this hassle, to take a new copy
> > of vm_random.c from a recent BSD, which is one without the advertising
> > clause, do a diff, make required changes (without verbatin compying), and
> > use that file? The new file will be a derrivitive work of the more recent
> > vm_random.c, not the old one, so all this will be moot.
> As I understand it, to do this properly, you'd need to update vm_random.c
> white-room style (one person looking at the diff, another person being
> described in a high-level sense what's changed, and changing their copy).
> Otherwise I think it's still not fully sound copyright-wise (but IANAL).

As far as I can tell, it's the random.c (I have several in my sources) 
from /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/random.c (at least that is the one I have that 
has similar long comments near the top about random number generation theory)

In any case, it's an 825 line diff between two files that are 506 and 372 
lines respectively,  so this is probably more of a job than it sounds.  
Perhaps if someone can tell me a:
* The original name and location of the original random.c that was taken from 
* When exactly this was done

I can diff that one against the state of it directly after the Advertising 
Clause was rescinded in the BSD source tree.  If they are the same (and I 
very much suspect it will be) can we not safely say that it's the same code, 
and remove the advertising clause from vm_random.c (ie retroactively basing 
the current version on a post-removal-of-advertising-clause copy)?

Lauri Watts
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