Moving to SubVersion

Derek Kite dkite at
Fri Oct 15 02:42:29 BST 2004

The weekly digest is built on cvs. It depends on a local repository for 
reasonable speed. The current cvs repository is over 12 gb.

If clee's comments on planetkde are accurate, to have a repository would 
require about 48gb. Can anyone confirm that? If that is the case, what 
happens to the mirrors? Would they still exist? Would subversion even work 
with that size of db?

I had no opinion one way or another before seeing clee's comments. Nonetheless 
I will start rewriting the digest generating code for subversion as soon as I 
have time. There are quite a few infrastructure tools in KDE that are built 
on cvs, and will need to be ported.

Please please please, set a target date if the decision is to go ahead and let 
everyone know. I would need at least a couple of months lead time. Or maybe 
more if hardware upgrades are required by the mirrors.


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