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Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Sat Oct 9 19:05:46 BST 2004

* Cristian Tibirna <tibirna at> [Oct 09. 2004 15:22]:
> On Friday 08 October 2004 14:31, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> That is, while the most sensible and most important work will happen on the 
> server side, we definitely must consider the implications on the client side. 
> CVS didn't change functionality/features/formats since a very very long time. 
> We must think of people working with KDE: translators, artists, documentation 
> teams, the edu team etc.
> I believe these people are grateful to be able to have an ubiquituous and 
> reputedly self-compatible client available from any distro released as far 
> back as 8 years ago.

I don't mean to put us in the artists group down, but most of the "real"
artists didn't get CVs either, they cannot even *install* a GUI for CVS
without problems. In the end whether it is CVS or SVN that is confusing
them doesn't matter.

In addition the commands used by such people tends to be "login,
checkout" one time...and then "update and commit" - the really fearless
*might* even do a "add".

So don't worry about us dumb people :-)


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