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Michael Buesch mbuesch at
Sun Oct 10 16:25:00 BST 2004

Quoting Stephan Kulow <coolo at>:
> Am Sonntag 10 Oktober 2004 16:30 schrieb Leo Savernik:
> >
> > Why dont we wait until SVN reaches a mature state like cvs, and switch
> > then?
> We're talking about kdenonbeta and kdeextreager (not even that part is sure 
> yet).

So are there actually people, which are _working_ on the
kdenonbeta and extragear modules and dislike switching to SVN?
s/dislike/have arguments against/

For me a switch to SVN on extragear would be ok.

> And as long we're not testing SVN for real, we won't know it's mature or not.
> Greetings, Stephan

Regards Michael Buesch  [ ]

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