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Sat Oct 9 22:34:15 BST 2004

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| | Hmm, what is the svn option here? I thought it's either svn over ssh or
| | http. I don't have any opinion either way. All I know is that I hardly
| want
| | to collect 700 ssh pub keys. But having the option of safe ssh
| connections
| | for admin and webmaster accounts sounds good to me.
| svnserve can also be run from inetd (port 3690).
| it was initially used for anonymous access, then it got some kind of
| authentification I think
| but if you plan on using apache, it's pretty useless to add it.
| regarding ssh keys, these could be collected with cvs before we switch
| (ask people to commit their key to some file/module).
| but you may not want to create 700 ssh accounts on the server,
| maintaining a simple flat file for apache access is easier
(for information)

I was told on irc, that we can have a single ssh account with all ssh
keys, and use the :
- --tunnel-user arg : tunnel username (default is current uid's name)
option of svnserve server-side to identify a user alongside the ssh key
in the authorized_keys file.

maybe that would make things easier if you want to use ssh

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