Moving to SubVersion

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Sat Oct 9 13:27:51 BST 2004

Am Freitag 08 Oktober 2004 23:38 schrieb Tobias Koenig:

> What exactly took so long during the convertion? Can you give any
> hints what can go wrong and how it can be prevented?
> What version of the script you used?


Just did a test run on kdenonbeta:

cvs2svn Statistics:
Total CVS Files:             12362
Total CVS Revisions:         67566
Total Unique Tags:             126
Total Unique Branches:          69
CVS Repos Size in KB:        98878
Total SVN Commits:           14167
First Revision Date:    Wed Nov 19 14:32:48 1997
Last Revision Date:     Sat Oct  9 12:12:17 2004

pass 8:  5963 seconds
total:   6177 seconds

We would need to do an additional pass before the 
cleans up the history of the scripty commits at least 
a bit before we convert. As we can't afford to have
two copies, people developing on cvs the three days
you estimate wouldn't be able to apply their diffs.

We would need to disable non-anonymous cvs at some
point, everyone keeps patches in his then announymous
cvs access. Then when svn comes online, you would be
able to generate a cvs diff and apply it in your svn checkout.
Then you svn commit and cvs is history.

But before all that we need to migrate our solutions like
commit mails generation, accounts, etc. And that we need
to keep in parallel for a while.

Greetings, Stephan

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