Moving to SubVersion

Jason Voegele jason at
Fri Oct 8 21:42:01 BST 2004

Tobias Koenig said:
> How to migrate?
> 1) Disconnect for one hour
> 2) Make a copy of the cvs repository
> 3) Run csv2svn over the copy

Having used the cvs2svn script, I can tell you that it will take much
longer than one hour to complete the conversion of KDE's CVS repository
over to Subversion.  I'd suspect you're talking on the order of *days*
rather than hours.

> 4) Test the svn repository by checking it out and run a diff over
>    the cvs and the svn checkout
> 5) Check if the branches were converted correctly (this might take the
> most time) 6) Move the svn repository back to
> 7) Put online
> All good things count 7, so nothing can goes wrong.
> Ciao,
> Tobias
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