[PATCH] Scripty/cvs.sh: simplified extraction post-processing

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Mon Oct 4 11:03:54 BST 2004

The attached patch is for kde-common/admin/cvs.sh

It simplify the post-processing after the extraction of the messages.

Until now, there was a support for developers adding comments directly to 
the .pot files. It seems that this support is not currently used and we have 
now even a better tool by using the -ci18n parameter to the xgettext call.

So mainly this is a clean-up of the suppport for comments directly added 
to .pot files.

In details:
- remove the merging between old .pot file and the newly extracted one (that 
was the comment support).
- no need to change the charset declaration of the old file. (If it is wrong, 
then this is a relevant change in the new file.)
- simplify a diff by cmp -s
- comment out a merge on the new file by itself. (It was probably for error 
reasons, but the log will have relevant info later when trying to merge to 
the .po files.)

Note: I have only commented out the merge on itself. I suppose that it should 
be removed. If not and if this feature is still wanted, simplifying it using 
the --update parameter is a solution to speed-up.

Please commit, as I have not enough karma for the admin directory.

Have a nice day!
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