[PATCH] Extracting marked code comments by xgettext

Nicolas Goutte nicolasg at snafu.de
Sun Oct 3 16:19:16 BST 2004

The attached patch is for kde-common/admin/cvs.sh (only for CVS HEAD, as it is 
a new feature.)

It adds the parameter -ci18n to xgettext to allow special comments to be 
extracted to the .pot files to help translators.


//i18n: this is a comment for the translators

Currently, it is tested in koffice/kivio/Makefile.am and as 
kdesdk/scripts/extractrc as already support for such comments, it gives
the extra comments on messages coming for example from .ui files.
(For the result, see kde-i18n/templates/koffice/kivio.pot )

Note: this mechanism will replace developer comments directly written in 
the .pot files, which however seems not to be used at all currently.

Have a nice day!

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