malloc in kdelibs disabled by default (Fwd: kdelibs/kdecore/malloc)

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Fri Oct 1 18:31:11 BST 2004


 as of now, the fast malloc in kdelibs is disabled by default, and has to be 
explicitly enabled for people who still want to use it. This applies to both 

 See the URL below for more details (and one reason not listed there is 
OOo+KDE integration - it since very recently uses dlopen on KDE too, doesn't 
have any workaround, and probably will be in the same position like licq).

 The kdelibs malloc implementation is not necessary with linux-2.6+glibc-2.3. 
If your packages are for different system, you may try using the mysql "test" 
in the URL below to see if it'd be worth it, and use --enable-fast-malloc 
yourself. You should indeed urge your libc maintainers to fix their libc like 
the glibc people have done.

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Subject: kdelibs/kdecore/malloc
Date: Friday 01 of October 2004 19:02
From: Luboš Luňák <l.lunak at>
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CVS commit by lunakl:

Disabling the fast malloc implementation in kdecore. Individuals
unfortunate enough to still needed it can still enable it explicitly.

  M +7 -10   1.4

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