Still problems with gcc 3.4 and visibility

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at
Sun Nov 28 12:04:19 GMT 2004

Michael Pyne wrote:
>$ nm -D ~/kde/lib/kde3/ | grep KDEDModule
>         U _ZN10KDEDModule11qt_propertyEiiP8QVariant
>         U _ZN10KDEDModule16staticMetaObjectEv
>         U _ZN10KDEDModule7qt_castEPKc
>         U _ZN10KDEDModule7qt_emitEiP8QUObject
>         U _ZN10KDEDModule9qt_invokeEiP8QUObject
>         U _ZN10KDEDModuleC2ERK8QCString
>         U _ZN10KDEDModuleD2Ev
>         U _ZTI10KDEDModule
>The output was similar when -fvisibility=hidden was enabled, except that
> the 'U's were all 'V' instead, indicating a weak symbol.

U means undefined, V is virtual and W is weak.

Since you're listing, this are how they're supposed to; the 
symbols are imported. Please list, which is where the 
symbol is supposed to be:

$ readelf -a /usr/local/kde3/lib/ | grep TI10KDEDModule
00021b44  00021801 R_386_32          00021be0   _ZTI10KDEDModule
00021ba4  00021801 R_386_32          00021be0   _ZTI10KDEDModule
   536: 00021be0    32 OBJECT  WEAK   DEFAULT   21 _ZTI10KDEDModule
   641: 00021be0    32 OBJECT  WEAK   DEFAULT   21 _ZTI10KDEDModule

The important thing isn't the object's weakness, but its visibility. In 
this case, it's exported ("default").

It shouldn't be defined in
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