Still problems with gcc 3.4 and visibility

Helge Deller deller at
Sat Nov 27 07:16:28 GMT 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 22:45, Daniel Roe wrote:
> I can confirm that your patch fixes the undefined symbol error for
> init_konq_listview and init_konq_iconview. Thanks very much!
> There are still problems with visibility though. Most notably:
> [KDED]
> kio (kioslave): WARNING: Can't communicate with kded_kpasswdserver!
> kio_http_debug: WARNING: (12298) Can't communicate with kded_kcookiejar!

I don't think those two KDED bugs are related to the visibility changes, because I get the same messages with KDE HEAD with gcc 3.3 (without visibility support) as well.
If you revert in kdelibs/kdeui  kpassdlg.cpp to revision 1.39 and kpassdlg.h to revision 1.41 it should work again.

The other bugs needs visibility fixes though,


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