RFC: Merge branch new_kcm_code into HEAD

Gary L. Greene Jr. greeneg at arklinux.org
Fri Nov 26 17:12:26 GMT 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 11:58 am, George Staikos wrote:
> On Friday 26 November 2004 10:39, Leo Savernik wrote:
> > Am Freitag, 26. November 2004 02:29 schrieb Frans Englich:
> > >  If a configuration dialog have scrollbars
> > > after merging, it's because it violates the HIG(the new code only hack
> > > around it). If that's the case, it is an excellent time to find out
> > > what options that can be removed by selecting good defaults, clever
> > > coding, and conscious user targeting.
> >
> > Oh no. This just means a relayout of settings should be scheduled. KDE 4
> > mustn't become a clone of gnome.
>    Wow I can't believe I missed that part of the email before.  Removing
> options for the sake of not having scrollbars or a different widget layout
> is the most nonsensical concept I've ever heard of.  It's downright
> rediculous. Furthermore, KDE ships source packages, not polished binaries. 
> If you don't want a user to see feature X, make your own binary packages
> and remove that feature.


> > Remember: Removing options alienates users. It suffices to keep new
> > options from creeping in (what hasn't existed won't be missed).

<mild rant>
Frans, this is not GNOME or Mac. As such, I'd rather have things refactored, 
not removed nor having features that may in the future nixed just because a 
widget is limiting us. While I agree we need to avoid if at all possible 
scroll bars in the control center, I'm not sure that making it impossible to 
have them is a good idea. One use case that I can think of is a system that 
has a relatively small view space (600x400 < ). While this use case is highly 
rare, the current environment is crap at anything less than 1024x768. Due to 
teh fit of the widgets on the screen, I'm more in favor of allowing in these 
cases, the scrollbars.
</mild rant>

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