RFC: Merge branch new_kcm_code into HEAD

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Fri Nov 26 16:58:51 GMT 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 10:39, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Am Freitag, 26. November 2004 02:29 schrieb Frans Englich:
> >  If a configuration dialog have scrollbars
> > after merging, it's because it violates the HIG(the new code only hack
> > around it). If that's the case, it is an excellent time to find out what
> > options that can be removed by selecting good defaults, clever coding,
> > and conscious user targeting.
> Oh no. This just means a relayout of settings should be scheduled. KDE 4
> mustn't become a clone of gnome.

   Wow I can't believe I missed that part of the email before.  Removing 
options for the sake of not having scrollbars or a different widget layout is 
the most nonsensical concept I've ever heard of.  It's downright rediculous.  
Furthermore, KDE ships source packages, not polished binaries.  If you don't 
want a user to see feature X, make your own binary packages and remove that 

> Remember: Removing options alienates users. It suffices to keep new options
> from creeping in (what hasn't existed won't be missed).

   I'm not sure that's even enough.

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