Web Shortcut en2de Defunct, Support for French <-> German by LEO

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Nov 26 10:06:29 GMT 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 08:26, Christian Mueller wrote:
> Hello, 
> 1.) I noticed that the web shortcut en2de is defunct. 
> Here's the message on the target page: 
> "We are sorry to announce that WordReference.com has decided to 
> drop the English-German dictionary.  Collins has decided that they 
> prefer not let WordReference offer their dictionaries online anymore, 
> and we were unable to find a good replacement. 
> For those looking for another online dictionary, 
> we recommend dict.leo.org/ or www.dict.cc . 
> Our apologies."
> I suggest removing the shortcut completely as there is already 
> a useful replacement in the leo: shortcut.  


> 2.) LEO now has support for French <-> German lookups 
> How about adding a shortcut leofr:?  

We have no de2fr: yet, it seems. How about naming it that way? It's easier to find
since it's more logical IMHO.

> What do you think? 
> I'd volunteer for both tasks if the feedback is positive.  
OK, please go ahead.

> Should the modifications also be done in the 3.3 branch? 
You can remove the dead shortcut, but you can't add a new one (message freeze).

> And is there a maintainer for the web shortcuts I should send 
> the new file to for review?  
Not that I know of. Typically this stuff is discussed on kfm-devel though.

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