ACL support in konqueror

Szombathelyi György gyurco at
Mon Nov 22 06:44:33 GMT 2004

Sean Harmer wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've got a little over a weeks leave coming up off work and I've decided to 
> try and contribute to KDE a little. I've started having a look at what is 
> required to add acl support to konqueror (see 
> I realise that there is more to acl support than just a nice dialog page where 
> users can view/modify the acl's. Here are my initial thoughts on what needs 
> doing. I am not overly familiar with the KIO code as yet, so if this is just 
> a stupid approach or there is a better way or additional things to consider 
> then please let me know. Anyway here goes...
> 1.) Display/Modify acl from properties dialog in konqueror.
> This will involve adding a new class KFileACLPropsPlugin that can be shown in 
> place of KFilePermissionsPropsPlugin if the filessystem supports acl's. Add 
> the check for this in KPropertiesDialog::insertPages().
> 2.) Copying/Moving files in konqueror.
> As far as I can tell right now after (not much) looking at the KIO::*Job 
> classes is that I may need to add some support in the KIO::CopyJob and maybe 
> KIO::ChmodJob??? Any pointer here would be appreciated.
> 3.) Compressing/decompressing
> Does the archive format support acl's when compressing? Does the filesystem 
> support acls when decompressing? Not looked into this one much yet. Any 
> pointers?
> Anyway, thanks for any help that you can give.
> Sean
Maybe this can be a starting point:


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