ACL support in konqueror

Sean Harmer sh at
Sun Nov 21 14:06:44 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I've got a little over a weeks leave coming up off work and I've decided to 
try and contribute to KDE a little. I've started having a look at what is 
required to add acl support to konqueror (see 

I realise that there is more to acl support than just a nice dialog page where 
users can view/modify the acl's. Here are my initial thoughts on what needs 
doing. I am not overly familiar with the KIO code as yet, so if this is just 
a stupid approach or there is a better way or additional things to consider 
then please let me know. Anyway here goes...

1.) Display/Modify acl from properties dialog in konqueror.

This will involve adding a new class KFileACLPropsPlugin that can be shown in 
place of KFilePermissionsPropsPlugin if the filessystem supports acl's. Add 
the check for this in KPropertiesDialog::insertPages().

2.) Copying/Moving files in konqueror.

As far as I can tell right now after (not much) looking at the KIO::*Job 
classes is that I may need to add some support in the KIO::CopyJob and maybe 
KIO::ChmodJob??? Any pointer here would be appreciated.

3.) Compressing/decompressing

Does the archive format support acl's when compressing? Does the filesystem 
support acls when decompressing? Not looked into this one much yet. Any 

Anyway, thanks for any help that you can give.

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