[patch] ToolTip also in konq-ListView

Enrico Ros eros.kde at email.it
Sat Nov 20 13:40:09 GMT 2004

On Saturday 20 November 2004 13:11, Martin Koller wrote:

> Hi,
> I have implemented the possibility to also have File Tooltips shown when
> konqi is in listview mode (and not only in iconview mode).
> Is this ok for commit ?

Looks good to me. It seems more maintainable too. Compliments Martin for the 
good work!!
I have only a note on what you can do while at that, since the folowing 
optimization saves 70% of the cpu time when hovering items!!

- Delayed tooltip creation MUST be done. I committed a patch that introduced 
this while optimizing the iconview on 3.3cycle, but reverted due to a simple 
'popup appears after leaving window' bug.
With delayed creation you can avoid killing a running preview kio job and 
launching another when hovering files. You can notice this odd behavior by 
passing the mouse over icons and watching your CPU going 100% when entering 
on a fileItem rect.
The current behavior is:
  Hover->Immediately launch preview JOB->show popup at700ms.
A safer behavior (tested and working GREAT even on 300MHz cpus) is:
  Hover->at 400ms launch the preview JOB->show popup at 700ms.
So if you enter an icon and then enter another before 400ms no preview job is 
launched and no job is killed.

I think on listview, where items are continous in Y and the cursor hovers a 
lot of them before reaching the target file, this optimization MUST be done, 
or else listview will be slow like hell on low end cpus.

Great job Martin!
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