Release schedule reminder

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Fri Nov 19 14:55:39 GMT 2004

On Friday 19 November 2004 15:44, Rob Kaper wrote:
> On Friday 19 November 2004 3:02 pm, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> > I'd like to remind anyone that next weekend KDE 3.3.2 will be tagged
> > and prepared for release. Please use the remaining time to review
> > your applications/translations and if you know of any missing piece on
> >
> > (there should be many), please either add it yourself or let me know.
> I have noticed that 3% of KDE users are already using the branch, an
> extremely high number which suddenly jumped up a few weeks after the 3.3.1
> release. Did some distributions ship branch code? (maybe someone can ask on
> kde-packagers)
AFAIK Debian have always used the branch, maybe Gentoo have started to do the 


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