KSpell vs. KSpell2

heiko.evermann at gmx.de heiko.evermann at gmx.de
Mon Nov 15 22:11:38 GMT 2004

Hi Zack,
> > KDE uses two different spellchecker modules. KSpell2 solves a number
> > of problems and deficiencies for aspell. But so far, KSpell seems to
> > be used widely.
> >
> > 1) What is neccessary to port an application from KSpell to KSpell2.
> > Where can I find documentation about this?
> KSpell2 shares ispell plugin with Enchant. This means that ispell
> dictionaries for enchant have to be downloaded from
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=15518&release_id=8437
>3 in order for it to work. The problem is that people get confused by it,
> because they think that installing the default ispell is enough and get
> surprised when it doesn't work. So resolving that issue is the only thing
> that's keeping me from porting the rest of kde to kspell2.
Well, when I follow the link, I find AbiWord. When I search the Web I find 
that Enchant is a spell checking engine from AbiWord. Is that right?

I think that there are two types of users:
1) Those who install it from a distribution. In that case we might find a way 
to inform the distributors about the relationship and thus communicate it to 
the end user. If we spend some dummy file, we might even have a "KDE ispell 
library for language xx".rpm with a dependency to abiword-xx.rpm. So you 
would find the KDE language modules beside the other KDE modules (so that the 
average user can find it easily) and the packet manager would inform you that 
if you pick one of them, you also have to pick an abiword rpm-file.
2) For those who go the way to build from the sources, one could check that at 
least one of the abiword-packages is installed. If not, you get a warning 
when you do your configure:
"Attention: KSpell, the KDE spell checker uses Abiword dictionaries instead of 
ispell dictionaries. You do not seem to have any of these installed. In this 
case KDE will not be able to use ispell as your favorite spell checker. 
Please download the files from..."

=> then everyone is happy.

How about that?

Kind regards,

Heiko Evermann
KDE Low Saxon translation team

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