KSpell vs. KSpell2

Zack Rusin zack at kde.org
Mon Nov 15 20:58:49 GMT 2004

On Monday 15 November 2004 14:45, heiko.evermann at gmx.de wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> KDE uses two different spellchecker modules. KSpell2 solves a number
> of problems and deficiencies for aspell. But so far, KSpell seems to
> be used widely.
> 1) What is neccessary to port an application from KSpell to KSpell2.
> Where can I find documentation about this?

KSpell2 shares ispell plugin with Enchant. This means that ispell 
dictionaries for enchant have to be downloaded from 
in order for it to work. The problem is that people get confused by it, 
because they think that installing the default ispell is enough and get 
surprised when it doesn't work. So resolving that issue is the only 
thing that's keeping me from porting the rest of kde to kspell2. 

As for porting documentation, I haven't wrote any so far. 

> 2) Is there any plan to migrate KDE, e.g. before KDE 3.4?

Assuming that the issue would resolved then yeah.


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