serious: konqi removes viewed file ?

Martin Koller m.koller at
Mon Nov 15 11:05:10 GMT 2004

On Sunday 14 November 2004 12:33, David Faure wrote:

> Ouch. This sounds like a bug in the recent implementation of the --tempfile
> option, which deletes tempfiles after viewing them. Obviously the above is
> no tempfile and shouldn't be deleted.
> I tried and I couldn't reproduce the bug though:
> * I made it URL[$e]=$QTDIR/doc/html/index.html so that it points to a real
> html file here too. * I opened the directory containing the .desktop file
> with konqueror (iconview) * I clicked on it, a new window appears, with the
> HTML file displayed * Upon closing that window, the file isn't deleted. No
> problem when closing the first window either.

You're right - with that steps it also works for me.
But it does not work (the file is removed) if the .desktop file is directly on 
my Desktop and I double click the icon on the desktop!

> Can you make sure you have the latest konqueror?
> Can you check if you see the debug output (from area 1202) saying
>   ######### Deleting tempfile after use: <path>
> ?

Yes, it is in:
konqueror: Deleting 0x8552ee8
konqueror: ######### Deleting tempfile after 
konqueror: KonqViewManager::removePart ( 0x87d1ee8 )

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