'LIBADD' contains unknown flag

Lauri Watts lauri at kde.org
Tue Nov 9 12:30:55 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 09 November 2004 11:07, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Tuesday 09 November 2004 08:13 schrieb Lauri Watts:
> > That's not so bad though, since kde-config also segfaults, so even if I
> > make kdewidgets compile, kdebase can't even get through configure.
> Hmm, if it crashes it could mean that the bsd linker isn't as robust as
> hoped, but still supports the linker flag. But perhaps you can tell us
> about the back trace, so we can check if there is a problem that just
> doesn't happened yet to Linux users. If not, we will disable it for
> non-linux systems.

For what it's worth, we have the gnu ld during build, but a different rtld.

In any case, Andy Fawcett got a clean build, which pointed me back at 
something local, and rebuilding to get a bt turns up that this seems to be a 
nice combination of threads and NVidia binary drivers (well, the libGL from 

BT's (identical) from both kde-config and kdewidgets here:

This is not the first time that combo has been a really big problem for Qt on 
FreeBSD, and it's certainly not within the scope of KDE to fix it.    
Previously we had a big recommendation to not install Qt with OpenGL support 
on FreeBSD, I think we might be looking at restoring that.

I think turning off --as-needed for non-linux systems would be premature, but 
since we can't fix whatever's wrong, being able to turn it off if required is 
a pretty good compromise.  

Lauri Watts
KDE Documentation: http://docs.kde.org
KDE on FreeBSD: http://freebsd.kde.org
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