'LIBADD' contains unknown flag

Szombathelyi György gyurco at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 9 08:12:45 GMT 2004


Lauri Watts wrote:
> Right now, for me, makekdewidgets now segfaults when run, which makes kdelibs 
> not finish compiling. 
> That's not so bad though, since kde-config also segfaults, so even if I make 
> kdewidgets compile, kdebase can't even get through configure.  
> There's possibly more of them, those are the two I know though.  
> Backing out acinclude.m4.in to 2.473 gets me back to working order. 
> Is there a way to disable this stuff on a more granular basis, so the few 
> things that don't work with it all over, don't use it?  
I don't know what system you're using, but I don't have this problem 
with Fedore Core 2's linker. If the problem is with the --as-needed 
flag, you can disable it globally with --disable-as-needed in ./configure.


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