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Stephan Kulow coolo at
Mon Nov 8 09:31:40 GMT 2004

Am Sunday 07 November 2004 23:34 schrieb Oswald Buddenhagen:
> problem: each cvs module contains lots of apps. but i want only that and
>   that ones.
> solution: inst-apps in the module's root.
> buuuuut ...: the configure stuff within one module often has inter-app
>   dependencies. consequently the current approach used for inst-apps to
>   exclude unlisted apps completely just does not work out.
> simple solution: apply attached patch. the unlisted apps will not be
>   compiled, but their will be used.
> proper solution: create app-specific files. those files
>   are used independently of inst-apps. every app needing something would
>   only AC_REQUIRE something in its, which will only be
>   used if the app is listed in inst-apps. one definition - multiple
>   references. nice, clean, and a lot of work. ;)

I don't want that patch in. People release subdirs of a module and have no idea
it's broken because they can't test it with inst-apps. If you have the AC_REQUIRE
in place, you will know there is something broken.

Macros used by several subdirs should either move up or there should be a listed
dependency in the toplevel that forbids subdirA in inst-apps if subdirB
isn't in inst-apps.

Greetings, Stephan

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