Bo Thorsen bo at thorsen-consulting.dk
Mon Nov 8 08:51:49 GMT 2004

Hi all,

During the Qt developer day last week, I stumbled on the widget flag 
WGroupLeader. This solves a major usability problem in kontact, one that 
the user tests in aKademy stumbled on.

(I CCed kde-core-devel, since it's an almost completely unknown flag that 
might be useful in other applications also.)

Basically, the flag groups windows for modality. This means you can say 
that a modal dialog is only modal for a limited set of windows.

The problem it solves is seen in many different types, but this instance 
of it has bitten myself and that aKademy test: You get a mail where 
someone writes his address. Switch to the addressbook plugin and edit the 
guys entry in the normal dialog. Now click on the addresses button, and 
you get the modal subdialog to write the addresses (street, city etc. - 
overloaded name here). At this point you want to switch back to the kmail 
plugin to start pasting the addresses, but you can't! Because kontact is 
locked due to the modal dialog.

Enter the WGroupLeader flag. This marks the Kontact mainwindow as a 
groupleader and the address edit dialog as another group leader. So when 
the user opens the modal subdialog, only the edit dialog gets locked. The 
rest of Kontact is unaffected.

I have the patch that fixes the above problem ready for kdepim, but will 
add a few more fixes (kmcomposewin and koincidenceeditor at least) before 
I'll send the actual patch.

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