Auto-WONTFIX for old UNCONFIRMED wishlist items

Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Thu Nov 4 20:34:23 GMT 2004

* Stephan Kulow <coolo at> [Nov 04. 2004 21:01]:
> Hi!
> Please have a look at - I would like to give 
> the listed wishlists a WONTFIX automatically after having the link online on 
> for a while. What do you think?
> The current limits are ID < 64000 (roughly 15 months old) and less than 60 
> votes (remember at 80 they become auto-confirmed for most products).
> If you a developer feels like reviewing and thinks some wishes make sense
> (for more than one user), he can confirm them and they will be removed from
> the list.

Before you do this (and I think that it is probably a good idea) I think
that at least the kde-artwork list needs some personal attention before
this happens.

Can you give a deadline for changing this? So you can at least say that
"I told you you when it would start, I am not at fault!"

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